Home massage machine

A social stress increases and those who receive a massage are increasing in number recently. The massage by the specialist can receive in the new rapid train of the Shinkansen.
Ihe shoulder, a neck, and the waist can be rubbing and loosening of it'stiff. Furthermore, stiff can be loosened by tapping on the shoulder. Moreover, the back is streched and massaged.
In the case of development of this massage machine, a specialist's actual medical treatment course is referring. The typical massage procedure systematized by the specialist is programmed. On the basis of three courses of "the upper half of the body, a head, the shoulder, and the waist", various courses can choose, it gets a specialist's feeling easily at a home.
The power and the rhythm which the specialist of a massage pushes were analyzed by computer, and the motion of the complicated finger of "pushing, fastening and pulling" was realized by the special ellipse gear.