Hot water floor heating system
The floor heater of a wooden flooring is liked in Japan. The life-style of Japan of "taking off shoes, living in a house and sitting on the floor instead of a chair directly" is related.
This is the hot water floor heating system which has spread most in Japan, and uses the hot water heating module incorporating hot water piping of polyethylene excellent in compression-proof power, heat resistance, and durability.
It covers with a hot water heating module, the circumference is buried with 12mm plywood, a level difference is made into zero, and it finishes to a woody flooring. Effective heating is abundantly obtained for the size variation of a hot water heating module also in the room of a set, various sizes, and a form.
There is also floor heating system for modification which can be constructed easily on the existing flooring material.
This covers with 3mm heat insulation sheet on the existing floor, and attaches a 12mm hot water pipe inclusion flooring material on it.
When it can construct from under a floor on the first floor etc., there is also a method of attaching a hot water heating panel between joists from the flooring-material bottom.