Refrigerator with both side door handle
When it moves out, many people have experience which the door of the refrigerator which was being used till then, opens contrary to the direction which is easy to use, and cannot use easily.
Furthermore, it is easy to use opening in the direction in which doors differed by the case where it uses from a kitchen side, and the case where it uses from a dining-room side in many houses.
This refrigerator has a hinge and a handle in both sides, and has the wonderful door which can be opened and closed to both.
The hinge of a door is contained in the guide slot attached to the door. If the door of one side is opened, the hinge attached to the main part of a refrigerator will pass along this guide slot, and will separate from a door. The hinge by the side of opposite is stuffed into the end of a guide slot, and plays the role of hinge original.