Height adjustable washstand
This washstand can go up and down the height of a washing@ball easily.It was developed as universal design goods series which can be adjusted to the height which even a small child, a wheelchaired person, and elderly people tend to use.
The small mirror is attached to the bottom of the big mirror for a small child.
In Japanese Industrial Standards, the height of a washstand is 72cm. This is the height which a 155 to 160cm man tends to use. According to investigation, it is thought that about 60% of people are too low. Conversely, there is a person of being too high, about 6%.
Since height can be adjusted to 65 to 90cm, it can adjust to the position which the person to the height of 115cm or more 180cm tends to use.
This is the height which can be exactly used from a 6-year-old Japanese child.
By raising a front lever, it can go up and down easily.