Electric thermos which reports elderly people's safety
Elderly people are living more often alone. It is always anxious for children whether parents are fine and are living.Japanese elderly people like drinking tea. What a safety check is carried out for using the custom is this electric thermos.
This "watching hot line" service checks a family's life situation that the elderly parent lives far from them, using the electric thermos having the radio-communications machine. Use of an electric thermos tells having been used by mail to a contractor's personal computer, a cellular phone, etc. In order to use the act which makes the tea of everyday life, it can use, without being conscious and installation construction etc. is unnecessary. A conspicuous emergency reporting system etc. can offer daily sense of security without the equipments which impress sense of incongruity in a life.
Moreover, the use situation for the past one year can also be seen by accessing a website.
As for April 24, getting up in the morning is late. What is the matter? It is almost out daytime on the next day.