Bedding drier
The quantity of the moisture which man has lost from the skin or respiratory organs on the first also becomes 1l. per one person. While sleeping, since this continues, clothes and the bedding which cover the body are absorbing moisture. Feathers, cotton, etc. of a natural material are the material which hygroscopicity is especially high and is easy to contain moisture. If bedding contains moisture, the quantity of the air contained in the part bedding will become less, and keeping-warm nature will fall. Moreover, ticks and mold increase with the moisture contained in bedding. Drying bedding, making it dry keeps bedding clean and it is required for comfortable sleep.
If a sheet like an air mat is put in between bedding and a switch is turned on, warm air is blown and bedding can be dried.
A mat can be stored attached to a hose.

On the triple flow big mat on which warm air flows from three directions, it can dry speedily efficiently.
Bedding can be dried in about 50 minutes.
It was developed for the bedding of Japan which puts down direct "Futon" on the "Tatami" floor without using a bed.
Futon is folded and contained daytime.The rainy season of Japan had high humidity, and there was a custom of drying bedding in the fine day before containing.