Linear motor driveed automatic sliding door

The indoor door of the residence in Japan has many sliding doors so that it may be represented by the shoji.
A sliding door is moved using the power which is committed between magnetic power of "opposes and suits" in N/S.
Since there is no contact of a sliding door and an upper rail, friction or failure of parts (a gear and wire) cannot take place easily, and it can be used, feeling easy for a long period of time. Moreover, there is also no motor sound at the time of opening and closing, and smooth and quiet opening and closing can be performed.
Since the human detected sensor is attached, if people approach, and it will open automatically and will separate, it will be closed automatically.
It is convenient to move with a load.
It is convenient to move with a wheelchair, of course.There is no necessity for an opening-and-closing space especially unlike a door, it is easy to move with a wheelchair.