24-hour bath system
The method of bathing is different in Japan. In a bathtub, it is only soaked in hot water. It performs washing the body in the space beside a bathtub.
Since it is soaked to the shoulder, the quantity of the hot water of a bathtub is required a 1.5 double degree of the Western bathing method .
It uses with all families, adding the part which decreased the hot water put into the bathtub at once.
Many hot springs are located in Japan. Many Japanese like a hot spring. If it can do, I will want to go into a hot spring every day.
This "24-hour bath system" has the purification function of hot water, and the function which heats hot water and is maintained to a fixed temperature.
When you like always for 24 hours, a bath can be taken feeling just like a hot spring.
The amount of the water used in the home in Japan is about 250l. per day per person. Among these, 26% is used in the bath.
The "24-hour bath system" has not only the convenience that a bath can be taken at any time but the big water-saving effect.
An ultraviolet ray germicidal light is turned on for 24 hours, and the multiplication control effect of bacteria is heightened. Furthermore, a "photocatalyst" generates a powerful oxidizer from optical energy, and disassembles various germs and dirt in hot water quickly

Many spherical activated carbon porosity, the "bakuhan seki" stone, etc. are contained in the purification cartridge.
The pherical activated carbon porosity has many holes and smell is removed at the same time it makes muddiness of hot water and the ingredient of dirt stick to a hole.
The "bakuhan seki" stone has used for many years for purification of water, such as prevention of adsorption of an organic matter, a smell, and muddiness. It is also known that no less than 2500 kinds of minerals are included.